Farhan Zahid

Farhan Zahid

Oktoberfest tent reservation guide

Essential Guidelines for Oktoberfest Tent Reservation

Oktoberfest is one of the largest festivals for a reason. The preparation for the Beerfest starts months before the event, as does the seat reservation for different tents. Some rules and regulations are made for the smooth reservations of the

How to Reserve a Table at Oktoberfest Beer Tent

Visiting Oktoberfest without any reservations might not be a good idea. Yes, some tables in the big tent are available for spontaneous visits. But reserving a table is a preferable idea to save yourself from chaos. The beer tent reservation

Oktoberfest With Kids, Making it a Family Festival

Oktoberfest is a kid-friendly festival where children are allowed in the mornings and afternoons. You can also take them into Oktoberfest’s large and small beer tents. Many tents even offer a kids menu for families with children.  Since 2019, special

Oktoberfest Fun Fact

13 Fun Facts about German Oktoberfest Backed by History

Oktoberfest in Munich wasn’t started as a beer festival. Instead, it began in 1810 with the royal wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The event has now become the world’s largest beer festival, generating over 1.25 billion

Popular Oktoberfest Music Bands Playing Classic to Pop Playlist

Every year, the Munich Oktoberfest attracts between 5 to 7 million visitors from around the globe. The festival’s major attractions include delicious food, authentic Bavarian beer, music, and traditional costumes, including Lederhosen and dirndl. You can immerse yourself in a

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