Bodos Cafezeltn- Cocktail Bar

An Oktoberfest cafe tent with Prosecco or champagne with many confectionary options complemented by a cocktail bar, while enjoying the live music from the Austrian band. 

Bodo’s Cafézelt & Cocktailbar, a gem within the Oktoberfest festivities since 1993, has delighted visitors with its unique blend of homemade confectionary specialties and vibrant party atmosphere. Founded by the legendary master confectioner Bodo E. Müller, the tent has since been handed over to his long-time business partner and friend, Otto Lindinger. Bodo’s is renowned for its exquisite cake creations. It has become a staple of Munich’s culinary scene, attracting a diverse crowd with its cozy daytime ambiance and lively evening celebrations.

Key Highlights for Visitors

  • Peak Hours: The small Oktoberfest tent experiences peak hours in the evening from 6:00 PM onwards when the live music starts. 
  • Family Hours: The period from opening at 10:00 AM until around 3:00 PM is considered family hours, offering a quieter environment suitable for families.
  • Dress Code: While festive attire is welcomed to enhance the Oktoberfest spirit, there is no strict dress code enforced at Bodo’s. 
  • Payment Options: Visitors need to note that the pricing at Bodo’s, especially for drinks, is on the premium side. Payment options may vary from cash to credit cards, or both. 
  • Reservations: With the tent opening at 10:00 AM and closing at 11:30 PM, securing a reservation is strongly recommended due to its popularity and the cozy size of the venue. If you cannot book in advance, arrive early, especially before peak hours.
  • No Beer but Champagne: Unique to Bodo’s, no beer is served, focusing instead on various champagne and cocktails. 
  • Check Drink Prices Before Ordering: Checking the prices before ordering can help manage your budget, especially for bottled water, which may cost more than beer in other tents. 

Bodos Cafezelt Special Offerings

At Oktoberfest Bodo’s Cafe, the experience transcends simple dining:

  • Homemade Confectioneries: Famous for its kirschwasser donuts and a variety of cakes and strudels, Bodo’s showcases the pinnacle of confectionary craftsmanship.
  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: By day, the tent is a haven for families seeking a sweet retreat from the Oktoberfest hustle with treats like children’s donuts.
  • Evening Entertainment: As the sun sets, Bodo’s transforms into a bustling cocktail bar with live music from the Austrian band Highlights, ensuring an electric atmosphere.
  • Legendary Cocktail and Champagne Bar: Offering a selection of finely mixed cocktails and premium champagne, it’s the go-to spot for an elegant Oktoberfest flirt.

Bodos Cafezelt Drinks 

Interestingly, Bodo’s Cafézelt & Cocktailbar is one of the few spots at Oktoberfest where beer is not on the menu but you can enjoy prosecco and champagne. This deviation from the norm underscores its unique position as a café and cocktail bar, catering to those who prefer a coffee or a sophisticated cocktail over the traditional beer offerings.

Bodos Cafezelt Menu

From morning to night, Bodo’s café tent menu delights with a range of options:

Breakfast: Kickstart your Oktoberfest day with a steaming mug of coffee paired with Bavarian delicacies like Auszogne and donuts.

Confectionary Specialties: The tent is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth, offering everything from tarts and cakes to the legendary kirschwasser donuts and strudels.

Evening Fare: While focusing on sweets, savory preferences are catered to with selections like tarte flambées. The evening shifts to a drinks menu rich with exotic cocktails and long drinks.

Bodos Cafezelt Tent Capacity

Bodo’s Cafézelt & Cocktailbar comfortably seats 465 guests with an additional 108 standing places, accommodating 587 visitors. This setup supports the intimate café experience by day and the lively cocktail atmosphere by night.

Bodos Cafezelt Location & Accessibility

Located in the heart of the Oktoberfest grounds, the small Oktoberfest tent, Bodo’s Cafézelt & Cocktailbar is easily accessible via Munich’s comprehensive public transportation network. Visitors can easily reach the tent via U-Bahn, S-Bahn, or bus, making it a convenient stop for anyone looking to enjoy its unique offerings.


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