Fisch Bäda Wiesnstadl

A small beer tent to enjoy delicious fish dishes at Oktoberfest and various wine and beer options in a family-friendly setting. 

Fisch Bäda, a small tent at Munich Oktoberfest, has represented German tradition and culinary excellence since 2013. Founded by Peter Lingnau, Fisch Bäda represents many seafood options at the world-renowned festival. Peter Lingnau has transitioned from running the acclaimed “Peter’s Seafood” stall to establishing the beloved Fisch-Bäda Wiesnstadl. The tent’s architecture, with its cozy, rustic maritime style, invites families and seafood lovers to enjoy a unique dining experience amidst the festive buzz of the Oktoberfest.

Key Highlights

  • Peak and Family Hours: Visit the tent during the early afternoon for a more family-oriented experience. 
  • Party Hours: Evenings tend to be livelier and more suited for those looking to party and a positive atmosphere. 
  • Dress Code: Embrace the festive spirit by wearing traditional Oktoberfest attire, though it’s not a strict requirement.
  • Payment Methods: To avoid inconvenience, keep cash with you along with the card option. 
  • Reservation Necessity: This Oktoberfest small beer tent opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 11:30 PM. Securing a reservation is crucial for guaranteed seating, especially during peak times. You can also visit the tent randomly but prefer early hours to get a better seat. 

Fisch Bäda Special Offerings

Fisch Bäda is not just about dining; it’s an experience crafted with care, offering a range of activities and services designed to enhance your Oktoberfest visit:

  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Priority seating for families with children, ensuring a welcoming space for guests of all ages.
  • Live Music: Daily live music performances featuring bands like FLottn3er, Kapelle Quetschenblech, and various acoustic and rock acts provide an energetic and rustic backdrop for dining and celebrations.
  • Barrier-Free Access: Easy access for strollers and guests with mobility concerns, ensuring a comfortable experience for everyone.
  • Children’s Entertainment: Toys and drawing materials are available to keep the little ones engaged, making it a hit among families.

Fisch Bäda Beer

At Fisch Bäda, guests can enjoy a selection of Oktoberfest beers alongside various wines, perfectly complementing the seafood offerings. The tent prides itself on serving traditional Oktoberfest brews, ensuring visitors experience the full flavor of Munich’s famous beer culture.

Fisch Bäda Menu

Emphasis on local, fair trade, and organic ingredients highlights the Oktoberfest tent’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Fisch Bäda Oktoberfest menu is extensive, catering to all tastes, from seafood lovers to the vegetarian:

Seafood Options: The tent offers over 20 fish sandwiches, char, zander, and fresh oysters. Each dish is prepared with attention to sustainability and quality, featuring local and organic ingredients.

Meat Dishes: Beef fillet and other meat dishes are available, providing options for those who prefer turf over surf.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options: A selection of salads and plant-based dishes ensures everyone can enjoy a meal at Fisch Bäda, regardless of dietary preferences.

Fisch Bäda Tent Capacity

Fisch Bäda welcomes guests with a cozy setup capable of seating 133 individuals inside and accommodating 48 sitting and 70 standing guests outdoors. This intimate setting ensures a personalized and comfortable dining experience, complete with the festive spirit of Oktoberfest.

Fisch Bäda Location & Accessibility

Fisch Bäda is located within the Oktoberfest grounds and is easily accessible via public transportation. Visitors can reach the tent by getting off at the München Hauptbahnhof (Munich Central Station) and taking a short walk or tram ride to the festival site.

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