What to Wear to Oktoberfest 2024- Complete Oktoberfest Clothing Guide

Men wear Lederhosen and women dress up in dirndl at Oktoberfest. Stepping into the beer tents and exploring the festival grounds, you’ll find yourself surrounded by more than 90% of people dressed up in traditional German attire. With around 7.2 million people attending the festival, considering “What to Wear to Oktoberfest” remains an important question. You need to explore the best Oktoberfest outfits and styling combos to be part of Bavarian tradition while keeping up with the new trends! 

Key Takeaways 

  • Men wear Lederhosen with suspenders or belts paired with a checkered shirt or trendy tees for a modern twist.
  • Women dress up in Dirndl(mini, midi, maxi) with aprons, blouses, and accessories with a blend of traditional and modern touches to experience the Oktoberfest. 
  • Buy the right size, skip outdated outfits, and look for sales at Online Shops to join the Bavarian fun.

What Should You Wear to Oktoberfest?

There is no official dress code at Oktoberfest, but 79% of attendees are locals (Munich, Bavarian, and other German states), and they take pride in wearing trachten. To fully immerse yourself in the festive spirit, wearing traditional costumes for Oktoberfest is a great idea. 

These are not just costumes, but authentic Bavarian attire that were worn by Alpine peasants back in the 18th century. Keeping this in view, it’s important to be aware of the customs that go into wearing them.

Oktoberfest Outfits- From Modern to Classic Versions 

From exploring the Oktoberfest beer tents to enjoying the amusement rides, drinking beer and much more, the high energy is reflected in the clothing you wear. Here are the Oktoberfest clothes for men and women to embrace the real Bavarian tradition;

Oktoberfest Clothing for Men: Lederhosen

German Lederhosen is a timeless fashion choice for men to wear on Oktoberfest, available in a range of colors and styles. These leather trousers are made of deer, goat or cowhide leather however some modern versions are made of synthetic leather as well. They are embroidered with Bavarian motifs have horn buttons, a flap on the front, and a knife pocket. These knee-length leather shorts are worn with suspenders or belts.

Lederhosen Material: Cowhide, Goatskin & Deerskin 

Lederhosen means “leather breeches,” clearly indicating they are made of some kind of leather. Cowhide and goatskin leather is a budget-friendly option while remaining durable, making them a good choice.  

For the ultimate luxury, soft feel, and durability, deerskin Lederhosen is the ultimate choice however, they are also most expensive. No matter your selection, we have something for everyone at our online store.

Lederhosen Lengths & Types

The authentic German lederhosen comes in knee-length but the modern versions are available in shorter and longer lengths. The length of your Lederhosen depends on how you want to wear it. 

Locals usually prefer wearing knee-length leather breeches to keep the touch of authenticity alive in their Oktoberfest outfits. As tourists, you can choose your length depending on how much skin you want to show.

Knee-Length Lederhosen 

Knee-length lederhosen reaches precisely at the knee and remains the timeless choice for Oktoberfest traditionalists. This classic style showcases the heritage of the Germany and paired with suspenders for a snug fit. Knee-length leather trousers offer a timeless look that ensures you’ll be perfectly outfitted for the festivities.

Short Lederhosen 

Reaching just above the knee, short lederhosen versions offer a contemporary twist on the traditional Oktoberfest clothing. This trendy style caters to men seeking a modern and versatile look. Showcasing more legs, these leather shorts provide a comfortable option for warmer weather celebrations. 

Bundhosen (Long Trousers)

Descending to the ankle, Bundhosen are long leather trousers, descending to the ankle and provide a sophisticated appearance. This full-length style offers versatility unseen in its shorter counterparts. Belted for a polished look, Bundhosen is a stylish choice for men seeking a more formal take on Bavarian leather trousers.

A Useful Suggestion- Measure your size appropriately and buy the Oktoberfest attire accordingly. To perfectly size your Lederhosen, Follow this simple rule as well! Grab a tape measure and focus on three key spots: height, waist (smallest part above the belly button), and hips.

Trendy Lederhosen Styles for 2024 Oktoberfest! 

Men can style Lederhosen according to the latest trends for Oktoberfest dress up. When choosing the Lederhosen, keep in mind that locals value their culture a lot. 

You must choose a style that does not cause cultural appropriation. You can choose the trendy Lederhosen versions that must include the traditional and authenticity aspects in some way or another. 

Faded Trachten Lederhosen – A Vintage Look! 

Faded Bavarian Lederhosen are high in demand this year for the fashion-forward Oktoberfest look.  These vintage-inspired pieces retain the classic design elements such as embroidery, horn buttons etc with a unique, worn-in look.  The faded appearance adds a touch of history and character, while classic colors and playful patterns create the sense of authenticity. 

Embroidered Lederhosen- An Artistary Touch! 

Embroidered Lederhosen is always in trend because of its classic and beautiful appearance. These traditional trousers are adorned with intricate handmade details that elevate your Bavarian look. The embroidered leather breeches are made both in subtle self-color embroidery or contrast stitching options.  Handcrafted motifs featuring deer, edelweiss, florals, or even the Bavarian lion add a personal touch and rich cultural symbolism to these outfits. 

Slim Fit Lederhosen- A Modern Twist! 

Slim-fit Lederhosen fashion is greatly emerging in Oktoberfest outfits for men. They are the hottest trend, providing a contemporary twist while embracing a modern silhouette. Their modern cut and slim fit provide a stylish look that flatters your figure. Perfect for youngsters, these fitted lederhosen ensure you’ll stand out at the festival with a sharp appearance.

Remember! Whichever style you choose, make sure the fit is good around the waist and in the seat of the trousers.

Men Lederhosen Shirts- Which One Style is Perfect for Oktoberfest? 

Men’s Oktoberfest outfit is incomplete without a Lederhosen shirt that comes in classic patterns and styles. The latest Oktoberfest clothing collections also incorporate graphic tees, offering a modern appearance and the utmost comfort at the festival. The choice depends on your personal preferences. 

The Checkered Oktoberfest Shirts 

Checkered Bavarian shirts combine traditional design with a modern charm. Traditionally featuring classic button down style and loose fit, the designers have introduced some innovations in them. 

This year, figure-hugging check shirts are more in trend compared to the baggy style. Colors like blue, red, white, and green being the most popular choices with these German shirts. However, modern versions incorporate a wider variety of bright colors and unique patterns. 

Traditional Graphic T-Shirts 

Graphic tees are emerging as a popular choice for men seeking a modern and comfortable Oktoberfest look.  These t-shirts feature Bavarian designs or Oktoberfest-themed slogans, allowing you to showcase a festive spirit in a unique way.

The breathable material provides great comfort for long days of celebrating. Whether you prefer a bold statement piece or a more subtle design, graphic tees offer a trendy alternative to traditional shirts. 

Styling Lederhosen with Oktoberfest Accessories

To complete your Oktoberfest look, you need to pair it with some essential accessories. While traditional elements remain a foundation, the festival has embraced some modern twists. Here’s how to accessorize your lederhosen for a stylish and festive Oktoberfest experience. 


Traditional suspenders remain the classic choice for Lederhosen, particularly in Germany.  These traditional accessories are made from high-quality leather and are popular in styles (X, Y, and H). Not only do they add a classic statement to your outfit but also offer a comfortable and adjustable fit.  They often feature intricate embroidery that reflects Bavarian culture. 


Lederhosen belts are a more popular choice among American Oktoberfest attendees.  They not only ensure a secure and comfortable fit but also add a touch of Bavarian flair with decorative clasps and embossing. Made of high-quality leather or suede, they come in various styles and colors to complement your lederhosen. 

Traditional Vests 

Vests or waistcoats are Ideal for an enhanced festive and formal look while adding a layer to your clothing for chiller evenings. For the latest Oktoberfest clothing trends, traditional colors are making a comeback in vests.  Velvet is the best material for a classy look, but taffeta, cotton, and brocade are also popular options.  These traditional vests typically have a simple design, either plain or featuring a subtle pattern like embroidered flowers. 

Knitted Bavarian Socks 

Traditional Lederhosen socks remain a staple Oktoberfest accessory for men. These socks come in a variety of colors like white, blue, green, and gray, ensuring you can find a pair that complements your Lederhosen and overall outfit.  Whether you prefer a classic look or a more vibrant pop of color, Oktoberfest socks add a touch of comfort and style to your appearance. 

Bavarian Shoes 

The right footwear is vital to complete your look while allowing you explore the festivities with comfort.  This year, a range of styles are on-trend including classic options like Haferls (low-ankle leather shoes), knee-high boots, and loafers. Derby and chukka boots offer a more rugged touch. For ultimate comfort, trachten sneakers are highly popular among younger attendees. 

Tyrolean Hat 

These traditional Alpine hats are like topping your Oktoberfest attire. Featuring a boar bristle brush or a Gamsbart (chamois beard), they add a touch of Bavarian flair to any outfit. While always a popular choice, this year the focus is on natural tones and traditional styles are particularly trendy. 

Oktoberfest 2024 Trendy Styling Idea is Revealed! Add a unique twist with bold metal studs, glow in the dark accents and rhinestones to your lederhosen!

Color Trends for Men Lederhosen – Bold and Classic Shades 

When it comes to Lederhosen’s trendy colors for men, both muted colors and bold shades are in demand. However, bold shades are more fashion-forward, while classic colors are timeless. We offer vintage to modern shades at our store. 

Trendy Shades Classic Shades Bold Shades
Olive Green, Gray, Burgundy, Forest Green, Dark Grey Traditional Black, Dark Brown, Navy Blue, Green, Beige Bright Red, Electric Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple

Oktoberfest Clothing for Women: Dirndl 

Once used as work clothing, Dirndl has become a traditional Oktoberfest costume for women. This outfit consists of four-pieces including a fitted bodice, often decorated with lace or embroidery, a skirt, a blouse and tied apron that completes the look. They can be easily bought in complete sets but you can also buy them separately from us if you want something more personalized.

Dirndl Blouse 

Dirndl Blouse is an integral part of the dress worn under the bodice and available in many styles. Made of cambric, linen, cotton or lace, the blouses come in various necklines. 

Our latest collection features deep cut, high neckline, V-shaped, heart-shaped, and balconette. Also, the sleeve lengths vary ranging from long and short sleeve blouse. If you like a modest and sophisticated look, go for high neck dirndl blouse. The most demanding dirndl blouse colors are black and white however latest women Oktoberfest outfit collections also include other trendy colors. 

Dirndl Apron 

The apron is attached to the dirndl skirt and covers the front of it. Made of different fabrics like net, cotton or silk, they feature classic to contemporary design elements and enhance the overall look of dirndl. 

The modern apron designs are more elaborate, while the classic options are usually ornated with Bavarian embroidery. You can choose from a lace apron, a luxury net apron, a two-way flip apron, and more. They also feature a bow that is tied in a way to showcase a woman’s relationship status.  

Interesting Fact! Dirndl bow tied on the left: The wearer is single. Dirndl bow tied on the right: The wearer is already taken, engaged, or married. Dirndl bow tied in the center back: The wearer is a waitress or widowed.

Dirndl Skirt 

The Dirndl skirt is a key element, traditionally full and flowing with gathers at the waist. Originally, they were sewn with the bodice and separated later on, providing a styling diversity. 

While the classic silhouette features a midi-length skirt, contemporary styles offer more variety, including shorter mini skirts, and maxi skirts.  A hidden pocket tucked under the apron adds a touch of practicality to this beautiful garment. 

Dirndl Lengths: Midi, Mini & Maxi

The classic midi Dirndl remains a timeless favorite, but other exciting options are also available for those who want to experiment with length. If you’re looking for a contemporary twist that shows off your legs, the trendy mini Dirndl (50 cm length) is a great choice that reaches just above the knee. 

The midi Dirndl (60 cm to 70 cm length) offers a classic appearance and hits around mid-calf. Another Oktoberfest favoriate is maxi dirndl (85 cm to 95 cm) that extends to the ankle or just above it while providing a elegant and modest look. 

Whether you prefer a shorter, flirty style or a more traditional silhouette, there’s a perfect Dirndl length waiting to add a touch of Bavarian charm to your Oktoberfest experience.

Dirndl Materials: Cotton, Silk & Velvet 

Bavarian dirndls come in cotton, silk and velvet materials with contrasting aprons usually made of net or cotton material. For warm weather or casual settings, you should go for breathable cotton. 

Velvet and silk dirndls offer a touch more luxury and formality while maintaining comfort. Whatever the material, the German dirndl dress will stick tight to your body but they are flexible enough for you to sit, walk, and dance. 

Dirndl Trendy Colors: Bold and Pastel ones 

In the latest dirndl fashion trends, two colors categories emerging that include delicate pastel shades and strong, bright tones.  

Pastel Shades Bold Shades
Soft Peach, Pale Pink, Baby Blue, 

Mint Green, Lavender

Bright Red, Electric Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Emerald Green, Fuchsia

A Quick Styling tip- Match your makeup to your colorful dirndl dress! For daytime Dirndl fun, go light and flirty with rosy cheeks and a pink stain. At night, embrace the glam with smoky eyes and a bold red lip.

Oktoberfest Accessories for Women 

No Dirndl look is complete without the women Oktoberfest accessories that will elevate your outfit and add more to your festive appearance. Here are the accessories that add a perfect finishing touch to your dirndl outfit. . 

Oktoberfest Bags

Complement your traditional dirndl costume for Oktoberfest with a beautiful leather bag. Look for one with long stripes and hand-crafted Bavarian motifs for an authentic touch. These bags are not only stylish but also practical for carrying your essentials throughout the festival.

Lightweight Jewellery & Alpine Hat 

Keep your jewelry light and elegant. A necklace, pendant, earrings, or bracelet with a classy design will add a touch of sparkle without overwhelming your outfit. For an extra festive look, top it off with a traditional Bavarian hat for a truly charming look.

Classic Dirndl Shoes

Comfort is key when explorin the Oktoberfest tents and grounds. The trendy dirndl shoe styles include pumps, ballerinas, ankle strap shoes, or boots. Trachten sneakers are also a popular option, offering a perfect blend of Bavarian flair and modern athletic comfort. Do not wear open-toed shoes, as they won’t be ideal for navigating the crowds.

What to Wear to Oktoberfest if not Dirndl?

Maybe you are not a dirndl fan or want to change your look from the previous Oktoberfest. There are many alternatives that allow you to dress interestingly for the festival. 

Female Lederhosen

Lederhosen aren’t just for men anymore. These traditional leather pants are a great choice for women.  Women Lederhosen are made in curved fitting to give a feminine look. For Oktoberfest, you can wear these leather breeches with a beautiful blouse, a cardigan or a jacket for a perfect Oktoberfest look. 

Lederhosen Skirt and Blouse

Leather skirts offer a graceful Oktoberfest appearance with their flattering cuts and tailored silhouettes. Made of authentic leather, they are versatile and offer a relaxed fit. You can pair them with a traditional or modern blouse to add a unique twist to your Oktoberfest outfit. 

Coordinated Oktoberfest Outfits for Couples

Here are some trendy outfit combinations for couples to wear to Oktoberfest:

Traditional Twist

  • Style for Men: Navy blue Lederhosen with a white shirt and a red tie
  • Style for Women: Dirndl dress with a navy blue bodice, white blouse, and a red apron

Modern Bavarian

  • Style for Men: Grey Lederhosen with a white shirt and a black leather jacket
  • Style for Women: Black Dirndl dress with a grey blouse and a silver apron

Oktoberfest Trend

  • Style for Men: Black Lederhosen with a white shirt and a vest
  • Style for Women: Red Dirndl dress with a white blouse and a black apron

Classic Elegance

  • Style for Men: Black Lederhosen with a white shirt and a black tie
  • Style for Women: Red Dirndl dress with a white blouse and a black apron

Rustic Charm

  • Style for Men: Brown Lederhosen with a white shirt and a vest
  • Style for Women: Green Dirndl dress with a white blouse and a contrasting apron

Kids Oktoberfest Clothing

Kids must also attend this folk festival in traditional Oktoberfest costume. The kids Lederhosen and dirndls are available in various designs that look extremely cute. Compared to the elders, kids Oktoberfest clothing should be in fun colors, styles and playful embroideries. 

Insider Tips for Outfits to Wear to Oktoberfest Munich

  • Prefer comfort when buying as you cannot enjoy the festival while remaining uncomfortable in your outfit.
  • Never buy low-quality leather trousers, and you don’t need to invest too much in them. 
  • Choose trendy outfits that at least incorporate a few classic elements.
  • Look for sales and special discounts when buying Lederhosen and dirndl. 

Final Words: Where to Buy Oktoberfest Clothing?

You can buy Bavarian clothing to wear to Oktoberfest both in stores and online many styles.  Online stores offer a vast selection of Oktoberfest outfits for men, women and kids in a mix of traditional and trendy styles,  at competitive prices. Our latest Oktoberfest clothing collection includes authentic German costumes, including Men Lederhosen, women’s Lederhosen, classy dirndl styles, beautiful accessories, Bavarian shoes and much more. 

To save on cost, you can even buy complete Oktoberfest sets, including Lederhosen, shirts, and hats, or Dirndls, blouses, aprons, etc. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern look, you’ll find something to fit your style and budget, with prices starting from around $50. 

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