Heimer Enten und Huehnerbraterei

Enjoy delicious Heimer duck at this small Oktoberfest beer tent with its beer garden and Paulaner Weissbier in a quiet, relaxing environment without music. 

The Heimer Enten- und Hühnerbraterei represents tradition and culinary excellence at the Oktoberfest. For over four decades, this tent has served as a home away from home for its patrons, embodying the motto “Daheim – da Heimer” (“At home – at Heimer’s”). 

Established by the Schmid family, the Heimer tent witnessed a strategic relocation in 2017 and introduced its cozy beer garden. Despite modern touches, Heimer remains deeply rooted in Bavarian culture, focusing on warm hospitality and maintaining a serene environment devoid of music, making it a unique place at Oktoberfest. 

Key Highlights

  • Visit During Off-Peak Hours: Aim for a more relaxed atmosphere for early afternoon or on weekdays.
  • Dress Appropriately: Embrace the festive spirit with traditional Oktoberfest dresses.
  • Payment Options: The Heimer tent operates primarily on a cash basis, reflecting traditional practices and ensuring swift transactions. 
  • Family Hours: The tent welcomes families during the early hours, offering a quieter dining experience.
  • Reservation: The small Oktoberfest tent’s popularity, especially among those seeking a more tranquil experience, makes early booking essential, especially for large groups. 

Heimer Enten Und Huehnerbraterei Special Offerings

  • Authentic Bavarian Experience: Without the distraction of music, the focus is on genuine conversations and enjoyment of the food, creating a peaceful German haven.
  • Heated Outdoor Beer Garden: A modern addition that offers seated and standing spaces, allowing guests to enjoy the festivities comfortably.
  • Family-Friendly Environment: Heimer is where families and long-standing locals mingle, sharing stories and traditions across generations.
  • Personalized Service: The staff’s familiar rapport with guests adds a personal touch that is rare to find, making every visit memorable.
  • Cultural Preservation: Heimer prides itself on fostering Bavarian traditions, ensuring that the essence of the Oktoberfest is alive in every aspect of the tent.

Heimer Enten Und Huehnerbraterei Beer

The Oktoberfest small tent serves an exclusive selection of beers, including the traditional Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest beer and the refreshing Paulaner weissbier. This choice allows attendees to savor the rich heritage of Munich’s brewing while enjoying the unique atmosphere of the Heimer tent. The introduction of Paulaner Weissbier represents a thoughtful expansion of the beverage menu, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Heimer Enten Und Huehnerbraterei Menu

The Heimer menu is a testament to Bavarian culinary tradition, featuring:

Signature Dishes: The legendary spit-roasted duck and chicken, prepared according to a secret family recipe, are the tent’s crowning jewels. These dishes are served with homemade sauce, potato dumplings, and red cabbage, offering a taste of Bavaria that is authentic and delicious.

Poultry Varieties: Beyond the classics, a selection of other poultry dishes ensures something for every palate.

Vegetarian & Kids Menu: Vegetarians are not left behind, with a range of dishes designed to delight. Catering to its youngest guests, Heimer offers unique dishes to please the little ones.

Heimer Enten Und Huehnerbraterei Tent Capacity

With a seating capacity 346, the Heimer tent provides a cozy yet spacious environment for its guests. The tent’s design, featuring broader, custom-made seating arrangements, ensures comfort for all. A heated outdoor area further expands its capacity, offering both intimacy and a connection to the bustling Oktoberfest atmosphere outside.

Heimer Enten Und Huehnerbraterei Location & Accessibility

Located in the Schaustellerstrasse, behind the Augustinerzelt and Bodo’s Cafezelt, Heimer Enten- und Hühnerbraterei is accessible via Munich’s comprehensive public transport network. Visitors can easily reach the tent by alighting at the Theresienwiese U-Bahn station or using various city bus services, making it a convenient destination for locals and tourists.

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