Heinz Wurst Und Huehnerbraterei Heinz

Enjoy poultry specialties, traditional sausage, and many Bavarian classics at this small Oktoberfest tent offering Paulaner beer in a highly festive atmosphere. 


The Heinz Wurst tent has been part of Oktoberfest since 1906 by Joseph Heinz. It is a place of tradition and familial warmth at the heart of Munich’s festive gatherings. This family-run Oktoberfest beer tent is now owned by the fifth generation, with Petra Brenner, Alexander Brenner, and Herbert Heilmaier at the helm. 


Heinz has been synonymous with quality and tradition, boasting a rich history that parallels the architectural marvel of St. Paul church from the same era. The tent’s commitment to preserving the familial and cozy ambiance while serving up hearty Bavarian specialties has made it a must-visit destination. 


Key Highlights


  • Operating Hours: This small beer tent opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 11:30 p.m., with live music from 5 p.m. daily. 
  • Relaxed Hours: Evenings are the busiest, so consider visiting during lunchtime for a more comfortable experience.
  • Dress Code: While traditional Bavarian attire is welcomed, it’s not mandatory, allowing for a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Payment Options: Ensure you’re prepared with card and cash payments while visiting this festival tent at Oktoberfest. 
  • Reservations: Visitors are encouraged to make reservations to enjoy the Heinz experience, especially during peak times entirely. The tent also welcomes walk-ins during lunchtime, offering a chance to enjoy the festivities spontaneously.


Heinz Wurst Und Huehnerbraterei Special Offerings 

From the moment you step into the Oktoberfest Heinz tent, you’re enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and festivity. Here’s what sets Heinz apart:

  • Live Music: Daily performances by the Unterbrunner Haderlumpen band from 5 p.m. create an electrifying backdrop.
  • Diverse Audience: A melting pot of Munich residents, families, tourists, and companies, all drawn by the allure of traditional festivities.
  • Auer Dult Presence: Heinz boasts the largest setup at the Auer Dult, offering a prelude to Oktoberfest thrills.
  • Cozy Ambiance: The tent’s traditional setting provides an intimate dining experience amidst the grandeur of Munich’s beer festival.


Heinz Wurst Und Huehnerbraterei Beer

The Heinz Wurst und Hühnerbraterei small beer tent is proud to serve Paulaner Oktoberfest beer, a brew that perfectly captures the essence of the festival. This first-rate beer is known for its rich, full-bodied flavor that complements the Bavarian dishes served. Visitors can enjoy this iconic brew alongside other beverages, ensuring a well-rounded dining experience. 


Heinz Wurst Und Huehnerbraterei Menu

At Heinz, the menu is a tribute to Bavarian culinary traditions, offering a wide range of dishes to satisfy every palate:

Meat Dishes: The Hendl (roasted chicken) stands out, celebrated for its crispy, golden-brown skin and juicy and flavorful meat. Not to be missed are the Bratwurst, finely minced pork sausages grilled to perfection and imbued with a secret mix of herbs and spices, and the Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle). 

Vegetarian Options: For vegetarians, Heinz offers delightful choices like Käsespätzle, a comforting dish akin to macaroni and cheese but made with soft egg noodles and a generous amount of melted cheese, topped with crispy fried onions, and Gemischter Salat, a fresh, mixed salad dressed in a light vinaigrette. 

Desserts: The dessert section features traditional Bavarian sweets such as Apfelstrudel, a thinly rolled pastry filled with tart apples, cinnamon, and raisins, served warm with vanilla sauce, and Kaiserschmarrn. 


Heinz Wurst Und Huehnerbraterei Tent Capacity 

The Heinz Wurst und Hühnerbraterei tent accommodates 384 guests, offering a cozy yet spacious setting for patrons to enjoy their meals and the lively atmosphere. The seating arrangement is thoughtfully designed to enhance Oktoberfest’s communal and festive spirit, ensuring that you’re part of the vibrant energy that defines the festival whether you’re dining inside or out.


Heinz Wurst Und Huehnerbraterei Location 

Located on Theresienwiese, Heinz Wurst Und Huehnerbraterei is directly accessible through the U-Bahn stations Theresienwiese (U4 and U5 lines) and Goetheplatz (U3 and U6 lines). For visitors preferring the city’s overground options, the Hackerbrücke S-Bahn station is conveniently located within walking distance, facilitating an easy journey to the tent. Additionally, numerous tram and bus lines serve the area, ensuring that reaching the Heinz tent is hassle-free regardless of where you’re coming from. 


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