How to Reserve a Table at Oktoberfest Beer Tent

Visiting Oktoberfest without any reservations might not be a good idea. Yes, some tables in the big tent are available for spontaneous visits. But reserving a table is a preferable idea to save yourself from chaos. The beer tent reservation process is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a smooth journey from selecting your preferred tent to confirming your booking.

Easy Steps To Book Your Oktoberfest Ticket

The crowd is crazy on weekends, and tents may close their doors to avoid overcrowding. Here, pre-booking in 4 easy steps can save you. 

Timeline to Reserve a Table at Oktoberfest

Understanding the timeline is crucial to securing a coveted spot at the Oktoberfest Munich tents. Reservations typically open well before the festival dates, so plan. The demand for tables, especially in popular tents like Hofbräu and Schottenhamel, is high. If you make an early reservation, you will ensure your seat.

Direct Reservations

Securing an Oktoberfest reservation directly from the source is recommended for an authentic Oktoberfest experience. The official Oktoberfest website is a reliable platform offering real-time availability, ensuring accuracy and authenticity. 

Joining a Tour Group

Another effective way to reserve a table at the tent is by joining an Oktoberfest tour group. Many reputable tour operators offer packages that include table reservations. It is a cost-effective method to make reservations as, in any case, you have to reserve the whole table, so dividing the cost between the groups is a good idea.

Secure Payment

The payment stage is the final step in securing your Oktoberfest table reservation. Multiple payment options, including credit cards and digital payment methods, ensure flexibility and convenience. Once the payment is confirmed, you’ll receive a detailed reservation confirmation, assuring that your spot in the chosen tent is secured.

Ticket Booking Options For Munich Oktoberfest Tents

In Munich, prospective attendees have several tent options for making a reservation. So, choices are catered to different preferences and needs. These include online reservation platforms, the official Oktoberfest website, and specialized third-party vendors.

Utilizing online reservation platforms for Oktoberfest tents provides a convenient and efficient means of securing a place in the desired tent. 

  • Official Oktoberfest Website –  The official Oktoberfest website is a trusted source for a reliable and authentic Oktoberfest experience in Munich. It ensures attendees have accurate information about the reservation process, available packages, and the unique German ambiance of each tent.
  • Email or Phone – Some smaller and traditional ones only accept reservations via phone or email. Contact information is usually available on their websites and social media pages.
  • In-Person – Few tents, especially with local clients, require reservations to be made in person at their establishment outside of oktoberfest days.


Remember that there is no central reservation system for Oktoberfest beer tents. Contact the respective tent owners for reservations via email or phone call. You may also visit the official oktoberfest website to book. Make sure you book in advance if traveling in a large group. This pre-booking can save you from the struggles of finding space inside the tent during peak hours. 


How much does it cost to reserve a seat in a tent?

The entry fee for the tent is free. However, you need to buy food vouchers and beer vouchers. These vouchers are refundable. 

What minimum number of people can you seat for at Oktoberfest?

There is no such “reservation for two” kind of thing. It’s a table of 8 or 10 people, and the food voucher may cost around 350 Euros or higher in some tents. 

How do you find a seat at Oktoberfest?

Seats can easily be found at Wiesn by reserving them before the festival or a spot. The seats can be reserved via the official website of each tent once the reservations open around January for some tents and July for others. 

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