Kalbsbraterei Oktoberfest Tent

A small beer tent at Oktoberfest in form of a huge pinewood cabin that is cozy by day and lively by night, serving veal dishes and extensive beer options. 

The Kalbsbraterei is one of the renowned Oktoberfest small tents established in 1973. This tent is famous for its delectable veal dishes and rustic charm. Since Erich and Jacqueline Hochreiter took over in 2014, this cozy tent has been enveloped in the rich aroma of Swiss pine, known as the “queen of the Alps,” providing an inviting atmosphere. The transformation of Sigfried Able’s Kalbs-Kuchl into the current Kalbsbraterei underlines a commitment to tradition and a hospitality flair, making it a celebrated destination.


Key Highlights for Visitors

  • Operating Hours: The tent welcomes guests from 10 am, offering an all-day Bavarian culinary adventure until the late-night closing at 11 pm.
  • Arrival Time: For the weisswurst breakfast, arriving between 10 am and 12 noon is ideal. Family hours are best enjoyed before 2 pm, while peak hours start from 6 pm, perfect for those seeking a lively atmosphere.
  • Payment Methods: Cash is accepted however the Kalbsbraterei also accepts credit cards to ensure convenience.
  • Reservations: Highly recommended, especially for evening slots, to guarantee a spot amidst the lively festivities.
  • Dress Code: While traditional Bavarian attire is ideal, all dress forms are welcome. 

Kalbsbraterei Special Offerings 

The Kalbsbraterei at Oktoberfest distinguishes itself with unique offerings:

  • Swiss Pine Ambiance: The tent’s architecture, built from aromatic Swiss pine, creates a cozy, ski lodge-like atmosphere, perfect for enjoying Bavarian culinary delights.
  • Live Music: Featuring Saftlmusi on select dates for folk enthusiasts and bands like Tanzbar and Blind Date for nightly revelers, the tent caters to various musical tastes.
  • Varied Audience Appeal: From local families to international visitors, the tent’s welcoming atmosphere draws a diverse crowd seeking traditional and festive experiences.
  • Evening Entertainment: As dusk falls, the tent transforms into a lively venue with Schlager disco vibes, ensuring fun-filled nights for all.

Kalbsbraterei Beer 

In true Oktoberfest spirit, the Kalbsbraterei offers a selection of beers that perfectly complement its veal-centric menu. Guests can savor the iconic Löwenbräu festival beer, the crisp Franziskaner weissbier, and various wines, champagnes, and non-alcoholic options. These carefully chosen beverages enhance the dining experience, reflecting Bavaria’s rich brewing heritage in every glass.

Kalbsbraterei Menu

At the Kalbsbraterei Oktoberfest tent, the menu is a true homage to the rich tapestry of Bavarian culinary delights, meticulously curated to offer a wide array of flavors and experiences:

Veal Dishes: The heart of the Kalbsbraterei’s menu lies in its veal offerings, with specialties such as the succulent “Kalbshaxe” (roasted veal shank) and the delicately prepared “Kalbsschnitzel” (veal schnitzel), each dish masterfully cooked to highlight the tender, flavorful nature of veal.

Bavarian Favorites: For those seeking the warmth of traditional Bavarian cuisine, the menu extends to classics like “Schweinshaxe” (pork knuckle), “Bayerischer Wurstsalat” (Bavarian sausage salad), and “Obatzda” (a spiced cheese-butter spread), ensuring a robust dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

Desserts and More: The culinary exploration culminates in a selection of desserts such as the “Apfelstrudel” (apple strudel) served with vanilla sauce, and “Kaiserschmarrn” (shredded pancake with fruit compote), alongside thoughtful vegetarian options like “Gemischter Salat mit Käsespätzle” (mixed salad with cheese spaetzle), providing a sweet and satisfying end to a rich meal.

Kalbsbraterei Tent Capacity

With a capacity of 300, the Kalbsbraterei boasts a meticulously designed space that balances the grandeur of a large Oktoberfest tent with the intimacy of a small beer tent. Inside, guests are treated to the warm embrace of Swiss pine, while the exterior offers a spacious yet cozy retreat, ensuring a memorable Oktoberfest experience for every visitor.

Kalbsbraterei Location & Accessibility

Strategically located within the Oktoberfest grounds, the Kalbsbraterei is accessible via key transport hubs in Munich, including the Theresienwiese and Goetheplatz U-Bahn stations, as well as the Hackerbrücke S-Bahn station, making it a convenient stop for both local and international guests seeking the quintessential Oktoberfest experience.



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