Loewenbraeu Festzelt- the Lion’s Brew Oktoberfest Tent

A big festival hall featuring a roaring lion at the entrance welcomes guests to the heartwarming atmosphere enhanced by legendary “Hey Jude” music and Löwenbräu beer.


The Löwenbräu marquee, a cornerstone of the Munich Oktoberfest, has symbolized Bavarian festivity and tradition since its debut in 1910. Known for its iconic 4.5-meter-tall lion that roars “Löööwenbräu” over the entrance, this large beer tent has enchanted both locals and international visitors for generations. 


Under the current stewardship of Stephanie Spendler, who took the reins from her father, Ludwig “Wiggerl” Hagn, the tent continues to embody the spirit of Munich’s beloved TSV 1860 Munich football club, mirroring the loyalty and passion of its fans. The marquee’s architecture, highlighted by a 37-meter-high Löwenbräu Tower and adorned with 16,000 LED lights makes it the most lit Oktoberfest tent. 


Key Highlights for Visitors

  • Peak Hours: Evenings and weekends buzz with heightened energy, ideal for those seeking the full Oktoberfest atmosphere.
  • Family Hours: Afternoons offer a more subdued environment, perfect for family outings.
  • Dress Code: Embrace the festivity by donning traditional Oktoberfest costumes, enhancing the Oktoberfest experience.
  • Payment Options: Cash and card payments are accepted, catering to the convenience of all guests.
  • Plan Your Visit: Considering the tent’s popularity, especially during peak times, early reservations or arrival is advised to ensure seating.

Loewenbraeu Festzelt Special Offerings


Step into the heart of Bavarian tradition at this large Loewenbraeu Oktoberfest tent, where unique experiences and celebrations await you at every turn.

  • Iconic Lion Roar: Every minute, the tent’s lion mascot beckons guests with its distinctive roar, a beloved feature especially for families and children.
  • Music by Die Heldensteiner: Led by Günter Pilzweger, this band elevates the atmosphere with a repertoire that includes Oktoberfest classics and the tent’s legendary “Hey Jude” rendition.
  • International Flair: With a mix that rivals the Hofbräu tent, Löwenbräu hosts a diverse crowd, from Italian tour groups to Australian adventurers, creating a rich cultural tapestry.
  • Sustainability Commitment: Boasting LED lighting and a water recycling system, the tent has earned accolades for its environmental efforts.
  • Family-Friendly Environment: Offering a convivial setting for all ages, especially during the quieter afternoon hours.

Loewenbraeu Festzelt Beer

The Löwenbräu marquee proudly serves Löwenbräu beer, a Munich staple that’s deeply intertwined with the city’s brewing heritage. This Oktoberfestbier, known for its full-bodied flavor and smooth finish, perfectly complements the festive atmosphere of the tent. Served amidst the backdrop of Bavarian camaraderie and international fellowship, it’s a taste of Munich’s brewing excellence that resonates with every guest.

Loewenbraeu Festzelt Menu

Discover a world of flavors with the Loewenbraeu menu, where Bavarian culinary delights meet sustainable dining in an unforgettable Oktoberfest experience.

Meat Dishes: Savor the Lower Bavarian farmer’s duck with potato dumplings, or indulge in the richly flavored pork sausages accompanied by barrel sauerkraut, embodying the essence of Bavarian culinary tradition.

Vegetarian Options: Vegetarians are well-catered with dishes like Carinthian porcini mushroom noodles, offering a delightful blend of regional flavors without the meat.

Desserts: The menu wouldn’t be complete without Bavarian sweets, including classic Apfelstrudel and Dampfnudeln, each serving as the perfect end to a traditional feast.

Loewenbraeu Festzelt Oktoberfest Tent Capacity

The Löwenbräu marquee is one of the largest Oktoberfest tents which accommodates approximately 8,500 guests, including 5,700 inside and 2,800 in its vibrant beer garden. The seating plan fosters community and celebration, ensuring every visitor enjoys the quintessential Oktoberfest experience.

Loewenbraeu Festzelt Reservation & Seating 

With sessions available from Monday to Thursday during lunchtime, early reservations are recommended to secure a spot in this coveted tent. The reservation process is facilitated through email, offering a seamless way for guests to plan their visit amidst the Oktoberfest hustle and bustle.

Loewenbraeu Festzelt Location & Accessibility

Situated on Matthias-Pschorr-Straße, adjacent to the Winzerer Fähndl, the big beer Löwenbräu marquee stands out with its towering presence. Easily accessible via Munich’s comprehensive public transportation network, guests can reach the festival grounds via the Goetheplatz or Theresienwiese U-Bahn stations, ensuring a hassle-free journey to the heart of the festivities.


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