Metzger Stubn by Vinzenzmurrs

A cozy Oktoberfest small tent with an Alpine feel offers a wide selection for meat lovers and Paulaner beer, completed with Bavarian live music.

The Vinzenzmurr Metzger Stubn at Munich Oktoberfest, also known as the butcher’s tent, is a cozy testament to the rich butchery heritage. Since its formation in 1980, the Metzger Stubn tent has provided a warm retreat for meat enthusiasts and Oktoberfest visitors. 

Owned and managed by the Brandl family, this small ent celebrates the 100-year legacy of company founders, Rosa and Vinzenz Murr, through its decor and offerings. Despite a brief hiatus in 2008 and 2009, during which the Brandl family sought to negotiate for a larger space at the festival, the tent returned in 2010. Today, it provides a rustic, Alpine hut ambiance inviting and steeped in tradition. 

Key Highlights for Visitors

  • Reservations: Booking a table in advance is recommended, especially for larger groups or business meetings.
  • Operating Hours: The tent welcomes guests from 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM, offering lunchtime specials and evening entertainment.
  • Family Hours: Early afternoons are ideal for families, providing a quieter atmosphere for all ages.
  • Peak Hours: Evenings and weekends see the tent at its most lively, perfect for those seeking the full Oktoberfest experience.
  • Payment Options: The tent accepts various payment methods including cash and card, ensuring convenience for all visitors.

Metzger Stubn Special Offerings 

Within the wooden confines of the Metzger Stubn, guests are treated to various services and activities beyond the typical Oktoberfest experience. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Live Bavarian Music: The tent comes alive with traditional live music, creating an authentic and jovial atmosphere.
  • Cozy and Rustic Ambiance: Decorated with real hops and old timber, the interior invites guests to linger and soak in the historic vibe.
  • Historical Exhibits: Offering insights into the butchery history of Rosa and Vinzenz Murr, these exhibits add a unique educational aspect to the visit.
  • Friendly and Familiar Atmosphere: Aimed at making everyone feel right at home, the tent is particularly favored by companies for lunch meetings.

Metzger Stubn Beer

Metzger Stubn’s beverage offering is the esteemed Paulaner Oktoberfest beer at the heart of the Oktoberfest. This Munich beer, brewed exclusively for the Oktoberfest, complements the rich flavors of the tent’s gourmet butchery menu, providing guests with an unparalleled dining experience. The Paulaner brand, synonymous with Munich’s brewing heritage, enhances the authenticity and enjoyment of each visit to the Metzger Stubn.

Metzger Stubn Menu

The Metzger Stubn tent menu is a carnivore’s delight, showcasing a variety of meat-centric dishes sourced from the local Hofgut Schwaige, known for its exceptional quality.

Meat Dishes: Each dish reflects traditional butchery excellence from the authentic Munich leberkäs (meatloaf) to the succulent ox entrecôte. These specialties are prepared with the utmost care, ensuring a memorable culinary experience for all meat lovers.

Vegetarian Options: While primarily focused on meat, the tent offers a selection of meat-free appetizers, catering to a broader audience without compromising taste or quality.

Desserts: The dessert menu, though concise, provides a sweet finish to the hearty meals, featuring traditional Bavarian treats that delight the palate.

Metzger Stubn Tent Capacity 

The Metzger Stubn small Oktoberfest tent boasts a cozy capacity of 130 seats, providing guests with a warm and intimate setting. This small tent at Oktoberfest is designed to replicate the feel of an alpine hut, complete with classic beer tent tables and a vibrant, friendly atmosphere that encourages socializing and enjoyment among visitors.

Metzger Stubn Location & Accessibility

Located in Wirtsbudenstr, the Vinzenzmurr Metzger Stubn is easily accessible via public transportation. Visitors can reach the tent by alighting at the Theresienwiese or Goetheplatz U-Bahn stations, a short walk from the festival grounds. This convenient location ensures that the Metzger Stubn is a must-visit spot for those looking to experience the best of Munich’s famous beer festival.



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