Ochsenbraterei Oktoberfest Tent 

The most popular Oktoberfest tent at lunchtime to enjoy a whole ox, pig, or sucking pig, all grilled freshly on the open grill on site, completed with Spaten Oktoberfest beer. 

The Ochsenbraterei, one of the big beer tents at Munich Oktoberfest since 1881, continues to amuse visitors with its unique blend of tradition and culinary excellence. Initiated by butcher Johann Rössler, this iconic tent is famous for its ox-roasting heritage, symbolized by the imposing ox on a spit that adorns its entrance. 

Now, under the stewardship of the Haberl family, the Ochsenbraterei marries traditional Bavarian hospitality with a solid commitment to sustainability and animal welfare. The tent has a seating capacity that welcomes thousands with traditional folk music by professional musicians.

Key Highlights

  • Peak and Family Hours: Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere during evening peak hours or opt for a more relaxed experience during the family-friendly midday Wiesn.
  • Dress Code: Embrace the festive spirit in traditional Bavarian attire, though all are welcome.
  • Payment Options: Prepare for cash transactions, though card payments are accepted, ensuring convenience for all guests.
  • Reserve Early: Ensure your place in this iconic tent by booking ahead, particularly for large groups or special occasions.
  • Transportation: Utilize Munich’s efficient public transport network, with the Theresienwiese and Goetheplatz stations providing easy access to the Oktoberfest grounds.

Ochsenbraterei Special Offerings

Enjoy the heart of Oktoberfest tradition at the Ochsenbraterei, where heritage meets modernity in a large beer tent.

  • Iconic Ox Roast: The sight of an ox roasting on a spit captivates guests and honors a tradition that dates back to the tent’s inception, offering a unique culinary experience.
  • Sustainability and Animal Welfare: A commitment to the environment and ethical food sourcing is evident in every aspect of the tent’s operations, from sustainable ingredients to promoting animal welfare.
  • Musical Heritage with Mathias Achatz: The tent’s atmosphere is uplifted by the festive band led by Mathias Achatz, blending traditional folk music with Oktoberfest hits to suit every mood.
  • Family-Friendly Dining: The Ochsenbraterei offers a welcoming environment for families, especially during the midday Wiesn, with special offers for children and seniors.
  • Accessible Experience: Ensuring a comfortable visit, the tent provides wheelchair-accessible spaces and barrier-free toilets on the ground floor and in the beer garden.

Ochsenbraterei Beer

Exclusive to the Ochsenbraterei, Spaten Oktoberfest beer delights the palate with its rich, full-bodied flavor, emblematic of Munich’s brewing heritage. This unique local Munich brew, synonymous with Oktoberfest’s spirit, complements the tent’s German menu, ensuring every sip celebrates Bavarian beer culture.

Ochsenbraterei Menu

Enjoy the essence of Bavarian culinary art at the Ochsenbraterei, where every dish tells a story of tradition and taste.

Meat Dishes: From the marbled roast ox in a red wine sauce to fiery ox bratwurst and the original ox roll, the Ochsenbraterei showcases a reverence for traditional ox dishes, prepared “nose to tail” to honor the animal.

Vegetarian Options: Expanding its culinary horizon, this big beer tent now offers vegetarian delights such as fresh cream mushrooms, homemade spinach pretzel dumplings, spicy vegetable patties, and hearty grilled vegan bratwurst, ensuring a diverse menu that caters to all preferences.

Desserts: Traditional Bavarian sweets, including classic Apfelstrudel and Dampfnudeln, round off the menu, offering a sweet conclusion to a hearty meal.

Ochsenbraterei Tent Capacity

The Oktoberfest Ochsenbraterei seating capacity is 7,400, with 5,900 guests inside and 1,646 outside. The interior, adorned with blue and white decorations and a spacious beer garden, creates an inviting atmosphere for festival-goers from around the globe.

Ochsenbraterei Reservations

The Ochsenbraterei tent welcomes visitors from opening until closing, typically from 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM, with extended hours until 12:30 AM on weekends, offering a full day of festivities, traditional dining, and lively music. 

As Oktoberfest approaches, reserving at the Ochsenbraterei is highly recommended to guarantee your spot at this emblematic tent. Guests are encouraged to book their tables early through the official reservation system, ensuring an unforgettable gastronomy and festivity experience amidst Munich’s vibrant atmosphere during Oktoberfest.

Ochsenbraterei Location & Accessibility

The big beer Ochsenbraterei tent is located at Theresienwiese and is accessible via Munich’s public transport. Guests can arrive at the festivity through the Theresienwiese or Goetheplatz U-Bahn stations, ensuring a hassle-free journey to the heart of Oktoberfest celebrations.

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