Essential Guidelines for Oktoberfest Tent Reservation

Oktoberfest tent reservation guide

Oktoberfest is one of the largest festivals for a reason. The preparation for the Beerfest starts months before the event, as does the seat reservation for different tents. Some rules and regulations are made for the smooth reservations of the beer tents. Knowing and following these rules can help you secure a place easily. Even if you haven’t reserved a seat, you can still enter the tent and buy a voucher on the spot.

General Guidelines for Tent Reservation 

The City of Munich introduced updated regulations outlining the following guidelines for seat reservation at the Oktoberfest Munich tents:

1. Big Tents Reservation Minimums 

Each tent can charge a minimum of two beers and half a chicken per person for a voucher. €15 voucher is added for additional purchases to reserve a seat at boxes and in the galleries.

2. Käfer Wiesnschänke and Weinzelt 

Käfer Wiesnschänke and Weinzelt can charge €50 per person before 2 pm. Reservations after 2 pm and on weekends for minimum beer consumption at these tents can go up to €95 per person.

3. Small Tents 

All the reservations made before 2 pm can be charged with the Minimum consumption limit of €50 beer per person. Reservations after 2 pm and on the weekends can be charged for the minimum consumption of €75 per person for each voucher.

4. Preordering and Additional Services 

Requesting pre-order menus or additional service purchases is forbidden before confirming a reservation.

5. Voucher Validity 

Vouchers used to guarantee minimum consumption remain valid after Oktoberfest and are redeemable in the hosts’ restaurants until the end of the year.

6. Reservation Fees 

It is limited to a maximum of €1.50 per person. No additional charges can be applied.

7. Reservation Duration 

Reservations must be for a minimum of 3 hours.

Rules & Regulations For Unreserved Seating Areas

Unlike other Volkfest celebrations, Munich Oktoberfest instructs tents to allocate substantial unreserved seating. As many of the guests visit the fest ground without prior reservations, here are some of the key regulations for them:

1. Substantial Seats are Unreserved

25% of all indoor seats in large tents are generally unreserved.

2. For Weekends

On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, 35% must be unreserved before 3 pm; 50% of all seats after 3 pm.

3. Seats for Munich Residents

15% of otherwise reservation-free seats may be additionally reserved for Munich residents without a minimum consumption requirement.

4. 24 Hours Reservation Rule

10% of unreserved sections may be reserved 24 hours before as last-minute reservations.

5. Beer Garden Reservation

Tables in beer gardens cannot be reserved. Reservations for the beer garden seating spot are only available. 

6. Group Reservation

If you are visiting in groups, you must reserve the whole table for ten or sometimes eight persons. The reselling of group table reservations is strictly prohibited.

Quick Tip: Payment Method for Reservations

Payments for required vouchers are conducted via bank transfer, the predominant method in Germany. While banks may charge high fees for international transfers, considering alternative services, such as Wise, is advisable. 

Wrap Up!

Oktoberfest tents are an excellent venue for enjoying a beer stein with music, dance, and Bavarian culinary delights. Just to be extra sure that you don’t miss out on this fun part, it is recommended that you book a spot for yourself. Booking a seat in the Wiesn has some rules and regulations. Following these rules can land you a spot and save you from paying extra. Even if you don’t reserve a seat, you can still get a seat from 25% unreserved seatings. 


1. Can you go to Oktoberfest without a reservation?

Yes, going to Oktoberfest without reservation is possible. A substantial 25% of seats at Wiesn are kept unreserved for spot seats at the festival. Some of them can only be bought within 24 hours. 

2. Does Oktoberfest have an entry fee?

There is no entry fee to the Oktoberfest venue. You can enter the Theresienwiese without paying anything. However, each beer tent has a voucher fee in exchange for beer steins and half chicken roast.

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