Poschner’s Huehner-und Entenbraterei

A traditional Oktoberfest small beer tent in Munich offers crispy chicken and ducks fresh from the grill with live folk music and Hacker-Pschorr beer. 


Since its establishment in 1926, Hühnerbraterei Poschner has been a cornerstone of the Oktoberfest tradition, renowned for its delicious poultry dishes and vibrant atmosphere. Owned and operated by the Luff family for four generations, Poschner’s tent has evolved while maintaining its rich heritage. 


The current structure, redesigned in 2016, blends traditional and modern elements, offering guests a unique Oktoberfest experience. Despite a brief hiatus in 2015, Poschner’s has continued to thrive under the stewardship of Thomas and Christian Luff, offering over 400 seats to festival-goers eager to partake in its storied history and culinary delights.


Key Highlights

  • Operating Hours: Open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:30 PM during Oktoberfest, Poschner’s welcomes guests for lunch and dinner.
  • Family Hours: The tent offers a family-friendly atmosphere during daytime hours, with special menus and activities for children.
  • Evening Festivities: Poschner’s transforms into a lively party tent with live music and dancing as the sun sets.
  • Payment Options: Various payment methods are accepted, ensuring a seamless experience for guests.
  • Reservations: While walk-ins are welcome, reservations are recommended, especially for larger groups or during peak times.

Poschner’s Huehner-und Entenbraterei Special Offerings


Poschner’s is not just about food and drink, it’s an immersive experience that caters to all ages and preferences. Here are some highlights:

  • Live Traditional Music: The tent is celebrated for authentic Bavarian folk music, creating a lively atmosphere each evening.
  • Family-Friendly Environment: With discounted meals and activities for children, Poschner’s is a haven for families during the day.
  • Convertible Roof Feature: The innovative roof design allows for an open-air experience, perfect for sunny days.
  • Accessibility Commitment: Awarded for its barrier-free access, the tent ensures an inclusive environment for all guests.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Poschner’s dedication to sustainability is evident in its climate-neutral operations and use of organic ingredients.

Poschner’s Huehner-und Entenbraterei Beer 

At Poschner’s, beer enthusiasts can savor the unique Hacker-Pschorr Wiesnmärzen, served directly from wooden barrels. This original amber-colored Oktoberfest beer is a rare find on the festival grounds, offering a taste of Bavarian tradition with every sip.

Poschner’s Huehner-und Entenbraterei Menu

Poschner’s menu is a culinary journey through Bavarian cuisine, focusing on quality and variety.

Meat Dishes: The tent’s signature roasted chicken and duck, known for their crispy exteriors and juicy interiors, are festival favorites. Other highlights include turkey breast strips on leafy greens and hearty chicken soup with noodles and vegetables.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options: Poschner’s commitment to inclusivity extends to its menu, featuring organic, vegetarian, and vegan dishes that cater to all dietary preferences.

Poschner’s Huehner-und Entenbraterei Tent Capacity 


With a seating capacity of over 400, Poschner’s offers a cozy yet spacious environment for guests. The tent’s interior is designed for comfort, featuring solid beechwood furniture and backrest-equipped chairs, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for all.

Poschner’s Huehner-und Entenbraterei Location & Accessibility 


Located between the iconic Hacker and Schottenhamel tents, Poschner’s is easily accessible from various points within the Oktoberfest grounds. The tent’s location and barrier-free design make it a convenient choice for public transportation visitors or those with mobility needs.

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