Pschorr Bräurosl

One of the largest festival tents at Oktoberfest enjoying a new look since 2022, creating a festive vibe with authentic Bavarian music, traditional cuisine, and Hacker-Pschorr beer. 

The Pschorr Bräurosl, a Munich Oktoberfest tent since 1901, embodies Bavarian tradition and hospitality. Named for Rosi Pschorr, a brewer’s daughter, and managed by Peter Reichert since 2020, this Oktoberfest tent is renowned for preserving Bavarian culture. Redesigned in 2022, it blends modern facilities with historical charm, essential for Oktoberfest visitors. Inspired by the original 1901 model, the exterior design showcases a modern yet traditional aesthetic. This biggest beer tent stands out with its impressive 15-meter ridge height, making it the tallest among all Oktoberfest tents. The interior, with its ethereal Himmel der Bayern (Heaven for Bavarians) décor, is adorned in historically accurate green shades and exudes a cozy yet elegant ambiance. 

Key Highlights

  • Peak Hours: Expect a lively atmosphere during evenings and weekends.
  • Family-Friendly Times: Weekdays and early hours are more relaxed, ideal for families.
  • Payment Options: Bring cash as not all areas may accept credit cards.
  • Cultural Events: Participate in various cultural events and festivities unique to the tent.

Pschorr Bräurosl Tent Special Offerings & Activities

The Pschorr Bräurosl Tent offers a blend of traditional charm and modern conveniences. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in a world where Bavarian culture comes alive, enhanced by various activities and services.

  • Live Music Performances: Featuring bands like Josef Menzl Chapel and Erwin and the Heckfins, the tent is filled with lively Bavarian music.
  • Cultural Events and Celebrations: The famous “Gay Sunday” event exemplifies the tent’s commitment to inclusivity, embracing diverse cultures and communities.
  • Maypole Landmarks: Two 20-meter-high maypoles continue to rise in the sky at the entrance and are iconic landmarks, adding to its traditional charm.
  • Accessible Facilities: With ground-level access and disabled-accessible seating, the tent ensures a comfortable experience for all guests. 
  • Family-Friendly Environment: The tent offers a welcoming space for families, ensuring a pleasant experience for visitors of all ages.
  • Event-Focused Celebrations: Special events like the Oktoberfest opening and closing ceremonies add an extra layer of excitement to the tent’s atmosphere.

Pschorr Bräurosl Tent Beer

At the Pschorr Bräurosl beer tent, visitors are treated to the exclusive Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest beer. This renowned brew, known for its rich flavor and traditional brewing methods, exemplifies the best of Munich’s beer culture. The beer served here is celebrated for its authenticity and a perfect complement to the Bavarian culinary delights available.

Pschorr Bräurosl Menu

Bräurosl marquee menu emphasizes using quality ingredients to ensure an authentic and flavorful experience. Each dish is carefully crafted to represent the rich culinary heritage of Bavaria. 

Meat Dishes: Meat lovers can enjoy classic selections like white sausage, butcher shashlik, boiled beef Stew, vegetable lung, roast ox, and Bavarian Rib-Eye steak. 

Vegetarian & Vegan Options: For those preferring vegetarian dishes, the Kässpatzen offers a blend of cheese noodles with fried onion rings, Creamed Mushrooms, and grilled mushrooms. Vegan options include the Crispy Pocket, an ensemble of vegetables in brick dough, and the “Emmerkorn” Patty, a savory Emmer Wheat patty.

Seafood: Seafood lovers can savor “King Ludwig‘s Hechtenkraut,” a gratinated casserole with pike, or the Matjes, a pickled char fillet, both offering a unique taste of Bavarian seafood cuisine.

Desserts: The dessert section at this large Oktoberfest tent boasts classics like Crème Brulée and “Kaiserschmarrn,” a Bavarian pancake specialty served with apple compote. This Oktoberfest tent menu also offers popular dishes for kids, ensuring a delightful experience for all ages.

Pschorr Bräurosl Tent Capacity

Pschorr Bräurosl tent at Oktoberfest boasts a spacious layout, accommodating up to 8,250 guests, including seating in a covered outdoor loggia and a beer garden. Its spacious design ensures visitors a comfortable and enjoyable experience, making it a popular Oktoberfest festival tent.

Pschorr Bräurosl Tent Location & Accessibility

The Pschorr Bräurosl tent is located within the Oktoberfest grounds in Munich, Germany. Easily accessible, it’s close to major public transport stations like Theresienwiese, Goetheplatz, Poccistraße, and Schwanthalerhöhe, making it a straightforward destination for visitors. The tent prides itself on being accessible to all, offering ground-level access and disabled-accessible seating. Committed to continual improvement, the tent works closely with the Disability Advisory Board. 

Pschorr Bräurosl Tent Reservation

Due to the popularity of the tent, it is highly recommended to make reservations well in advance, especially for large groups. Depending on what the tent offers, this can typically be done through various methods such as phone, email, or through reservation platforms. Early booking ensures a smoother experience and guarantees your spot in the festive atmosphere.

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