Rischart’s Cafe Kaiserschmarrn

A small Oktoberfest tent with no beer but cocktails, featuring only a catwalk at the festival while offering Kaiserschmarrn, breakfast, and free wedding cake everyday at 2 pm.

Rischart’s Café Kaiserschmarrn is a remarkable addition to the Oktoberfest landscape, captivating visitors since its inception in 2007. This unique café tent, owned and operated by Magnus Müller-Rischart, breaks the traditional Oktoberfest offerings. 


Inspired by the grandeur of Bavarian castles reminiscent of Ludwig II’s architectural fantasies, its design features oversized cakes, strudel as large as vinyl records, man-sized cups, and whimsical elements. Unlike the beer-focused tents, Café Kaiserschmarrn serves a variety of cocktails and desserts, including the eponymous Kaiserschmarrn, making it a favorite Oktoberfest destination. 

Visitor Information

  • Peak Hours: The tent gets particularly lively in the evenings when the party atmosphere is at its peak.
  • Family Hours: Mornings and early afternoons are more family-friendly, with a calmer environment.
  • Dress Code: While traditional Bavarian attire is welcomed, there is no strict dress code, making it a relaxed and inclusive setting.
  • Payment Methods: Be prepared with cash and cards, as both are accepted.
  • Reservation Necessity: This smaller Oktoberfest tent operates between 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM. Reservations are not mandatory but are highly recommended to guarantee seating during busy times.

Cafe Kaiserschmarrn Special Offerings

Rischart’s Café Kaiserschmarrn is more than just a café; it’s a festival of flavors, music, and entertainment. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Live Kaiserschmarrn Preparation: Witness the art of Kaiserschmarrn being freshly prepared in a giant cast-iron pan.
  • Afternoon Wedding Cake Ceremony: Every day at 2 p.m., a multi-tiered wedding cake is cut and served to guests free of charge to celebrate the historical wedding that Oktoberfest commemorates.
  • Evening Parties with Live Music: Bands like Tetrapack and Saugut by day and the 089 band by night ensure the tent’s atmosphere transitions smoothly from a lively café to a vibrant party scene.
  • Catwalk Entertainment: Unique to the Oktoberfest, this catwalk hosts bands and creates a party vibe.
  • Climate-Neutral Celebrations: Commitment to climate neutrality makes it a responsible choice for environmentally conscious visitors.
  • Diverse Audience: Attracting Munich’s chic over-40 crowd, the tent is renowned for its inclusive and fun atmosphere.

Cafe Kaiserschmarrn Beer

Contrary to traditional Oktoberfest tents, Café Kaiserschmarrn does not serve beer. Instead, it focuses on various non-alcoholic beverage cocktails like Caipirinha, Spritz, and Hugo, offering a refreshing alternative to the typical Oktoberfest traditions.

Cafe Kaiserschmarrn Menu

At Rischart’s Café Kaiserschmarrn, the “Schickeria delicacies” are a delightful journey through sweet and savory;

  • Kaiserschmarrn: The star of the menu, this shredded pancake is prepared fresh and served directly from a vast cast-iron skillet.
  • Breakfast Offerings: Start your day with a luxurious breakfast featuring scrambled eggs, honey ham, fruit salad, fresh yogurt, fluffy croissants, and a glass of orange juice or Prosecco.
  • Hearty Delights: For those with a savory tooth, the famous tarte flambée, pink roasted beef, smoked salmon, and a selection of soups provide a satisfying feast.
  • Desserts and Ice Cream: Confectioner Rischart’s desserts and ice cream specialties are a testament to culinary artistry, perfect for those looking to indulge.

Cafe Kaiserschmarrn Tent Capacity

Boasting a seating capacity of 400, Café Kaiserschmarrn offers an intimate yet vibrant setting. Cafe Kaiserschmarrn’s seating plan is carefully arranged, inside and outside, ensuring guests enjoy the festivities comfortably and in style.

Cafe Kaiserschmarrn Reservations

Reservations at Café Kaiserschmarrn are highly recommended, especially given its popularity. Starting in April, reservations for Oktoberfest can be made online for groups of 8 or more people. This ensures you secure a spot at this coveted café tent, renowned for its unique atmosphere and offerings.

Cafe Kaiserschmarrn Location & Accessibility

Café Kaiserschmarrn is located at the foot of the Bavaria statue and is easily accessible via public transportation. Visitors can take advantage of nearby stations and bus routes, ensuring a hassle-free journey to and from the tent.


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