Schiebl’s Kaffeehaferl Oktoberfest 

A cafe tent at Oktoberfest serving homemade apple cake and Bavarian desserts without beer while boasting a cozy and family-friendly ambiance. 


As an integral part of Oktoberfest since 1976, Schiebl’s Kaffeehaferl tent offers a unique respite amidst the festival’s revelry. This intimate Oktoberfest cafe tent, owned and operated by the Schiebl family, is a testament to tradition and familial warmth. 

With its spectacular entrance and cozy interior, featuring small tables adorned with cushions and ruffled curtains, Schiebl’s Kaffeehaferl is reminiscent of a Bavarian living room brought to life within the Oktoberfest grounds.

Key Highlights for Visitors

  • Reservation Policy: True to tradition, the Schiebl family allows regular guests to reserve a table one day in advance, though walk-ins are welcome if space permits.
  • Operating Hours: Open from 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM, the tent caters to early risers seeking a hearty breakfast and night fun. 
  • Family Hours: Special consideration is given to families, especially on kids’ days, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both young and old.
  • Payment Options: Keep cash and cards for payment to avoid inconvenience. 
  • No Beer: This small tent serves no beer but a range of wines and spirits. 

Schiebl’s Kaffeehaferl Special Offerings 

  • Intimate Seating Arrangement: Unlike the typical beer tent setup, Schiebl’s offers a more personal dining experience with individual tables and chairs. This setting fosters a warm, familial atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a quiet moment.
  • No Music: In keeping with its tranquil ambiance, the tent foregoes live music, allowing guests to engage in conversation and savor their drinks and desserts without the backdrop of loud festivity.
  • Signature Drink – The Hulk: Known for this cult favorite, a vibrant green concoction of prosecco and woodruff syrup, Schiebl’s offers a unique drink that has become a must-try for visitors.
  • Family-Friendly Environment: With a specific focus on accommodating families, especially on kids’ days, Schiebl’s Kaffeehaferl ensures a welcoming space for guests of all ages.

Schiebl’s Kaffeehaferl Menu – Desserts Only
At the heart of Schiebl’s Kaffeehaferl is its dedication to Bavarian sweet treats, freshly prepared and served with love. The menu boasts a variety of desserts, each telling a story of Bavarian culinary tradition. 

The apple cake, a staple of the Schiebl’s menu, is baked fresh throughout the day, ensuring every guest a warm, comforting treat. The strudel selection, with options like apple, plum, and milk cream, offers a delightful exploration of traditional flavors. Not to be missed are the fresh dampfnudels with custard and the iconic ausgezogne, a traditional Munich pastry known for its unique preparation and delicious taste.

Schiebl’s Kaffeehaferl Tent Capacity
With seating for 60 guests, Schiebl’s Kaffeehaferl at Oktoberfest maintains an intimate and cozy atmosphere. The small Oktoberfest tent’s layout, featuring small tables instead of long communal beer benches, fosters a personal and relaxed dining experience, making it a unique find at the Oktoberfest.

Schiebl’s Kaffeehaferl Location & Accessibility 

Located in front of the Hofbräu festival tent, Schiebl’s Kaffeehaferl might be a hidden gem, but it is easily accessible within the Oktoberfest grounds. Its concealed entrance adds to the tent’s allure, inviting curious visitors to discover its quiet charm amidst the bustling festival.

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