Schuetzenlisl Oktoberfest Tent 

Experience an authentic Munich culture at this relatively new big Oktoberfest tent, where you can savor chicken to ox delicacies while enjoying traditional folk songs and the finest Augustiner beer.

The Volkssängerzelt Schützenlisl, a cornerstone of the Oide Wiesn, embodies the rich culture of Bavarian joy, warmth, and tradition. Established in 2022, this tent is the brainchild of Lorenz Stiftl, a name synonymous with Oktoberfest’s vibrant culture, who previously managed the Zum Stiftl and Winderwald tents. Stiftl’s dedication to promoting folk singing and brass music culminates in the Schützenlisl, which honors Munich’s legendary Volkssänger heritage. The tent’s architecture and ambiance hark back to Oktoberfest’s golden era, offering a nostalgic retreat amid the festivity’s modern vibrancy.

Key Highlights

  • Peak Hours: The tent gets busier after 6 PM and on weekends. For a more relaxed experience, consider visiting on weekdays before 6 PM. 
  • Family Hours: Schützenlisl is particularly family-friendly during lunchtime, from opening until about 3 PM. 
  • Dress Code: To fully embrace the Oktoberfest spirit, wear traditional Bavarian attire such as Lederhosen for men and Dirndls for women. 
  • Payment Options: Schützenlisl accepts cash and major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. It’s also recommended to carry some cash. 
  • Reservation Tips: For the best experience, booking your table in advance is recommended. 
  • Cultural Etiquette: Respect the traditions and performances by engaging with them politely. 
  • Accessibility: Schützenlisl is designed to be accessible to all, with pathways suitable for wheelchairs and strollers. 
  • What to Avoid: To make the most of your visit, avoid bringing large bags or backpacks, as these may be restricted due to security policies. 

Schuetzenlisl Special Offerings

At the heart of the Schützenlisl tent, visitors find more than just a place to sit; they find a cultural experience. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Folk and Brass Music: Led by the renowned Traudi Siferlinger, the tent offers a lively program of cheeky folk singers and snappy brass bands. Each performance invites one to sing along and immerse oneself in Bavarian musical tradition.
  • Diverse Audience: A welcoming space for families, locals, and visitors alike, emphasizing inclusivity and community.
  • Interactive Performances: While singing along is encouraged, moments are dedicated to attentive listening, offering a balanced experience of participation and appreciation.
  • Historical Ambiance: The tent’s design and activities pay homage to Munich’s folk singing legends, creating a bridge between past and present.

Schuetzenlisl Beer

Schützenlisl serves Augustiner beer and other traditional Bavarian beers, focusing on local favorites embodying the region’s brewing excellence. While specific brands and their specialties are curated to enhance the Oktoberfest experience, the emphasis is on quality, tradition, and the unique taste that has made Munich’s beer world-renowned.

Schuetzenlisl Menu

At Schützenlisl, the culinary journey is as important as the musical one. The menu features:

Meat Dishes: From crispy roast pork to boiled beef and fillet of ox, each dish is a testament to Bavarian culinary craftsmanship.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options: Understanding the diverse palates of its visitors, Schützenlisl offers delightful vegetarian and vegan dishes, ensuring everyone finds something to their liking.

Desserts: The sweet conclusion to the meal features Bavarian classics like Kaiserschmarrn and strudel, offering a taste of local tradition.

Children’s Menu: Catering to its youngest guests, Schützenlisl provides special menus that delight children, making it a family-friendly destination.

Schuetzenlisl Tent Capacity

The Schützenlisl tent boasts an impressive capacity, accommodating a lively crowd with seating for 1,396 guests inside its vibrant interior and an additional 400 in its welcoming outdoor area. This layout ensures a total capacity of 1,796, fostering a communal atmosphere that epitomizes the spirit of Oktoberfest. By offering indoor and outdoor seating, Schützenlisl caters to various preferences, ensuring comfort and space for all guests. 

Schuetzenlisl Reservations

With the tent opening from early morning (10:00 AM) until late night hours, navigating the festive rush at Schützenlisl requires careful planning. Hence, the tent emphasizes the importance of reservations, especially given its popularity and central role in the Oktoberfest celebrations. The reservation process is streamlined and user-friendly, focusing on accessibility and convenience to ensure that visitors can secure their spot amidst the bustling festivities without any hassle.

Schuetzenlisl Location & Accessibility

Located in the heart of Oide Wiesn, Schützenlisl is a gem easily accessible by Munich’s efficient public transport system. Visitors can arrive at the tent via multiple transportation options, including the U-Bahn (underground metro) stations Theresienwiese and Goetheplatz, which are within walking distance. Lines 18 and 19 stop nearby for those preferring the tram, offering direct access to the festival grounds.

 Munich’s central train station (Hauptbahnhof) is just a short distance away, making Schützenlisl reachable for guests from within and outside the city. 


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