Schützen-Festzelt Oktoberfest Tent

The only Oktoberfest beer tent serving suckling pig, adorned with a charming flower balcony, rich tradition alongside shooting clubs, and the renowned Lowenbrau.

The Schützen-Festzelt is located in the heart of Munich’s iconic Oktoberfest and is a testament to Bavarian tradition and the festival’s rich history. Established in 1876, initially as a modest bar for riflemen, it evolved into the first Schützenhalle and, by 1926, had transformed into the Schützen-Festzelt we know today. This makes it one of the oldest festival tents at the Oktoberfest. 

The big beer tent gleams anew after its latest renovation in 2015, providing a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere for its 6,278 guests. Managed by the Reinbold family since 1979, the tent’s evolution from a peripheral attraction to a centerpiece of Oktoberfest showcases its dedication to upholding and enhancing its storied legacy.

Key Highlights for Visitors


  • Peak Hours: Arrive early or book in advance to avoid the rush and secure the best spots.
  • Family Hours: Mornings and early afternoons are more family-friendly, with a calmer atmosphere.
  • Dress Code: Embrace the true festive colors by wearing traditional Oktoberfest dresses. 
  • Payment Options: Ensure you have cash, as ATMs are far from the Munich ground.
  • Be Responsible: Respect the tent’s traditions and engage with the festivities respectfully.
  • Check the Schedule: Some activities, such as shooting competitions or special band performances, might have specific times. Checking the schedule in advance can ensure you take advantage of them. 
  • Accessibility: The tent is designed to accommodate guests with disabilities, including accessible seating areas and restrooms. 

Schützen-Festzelt Special Offerings & Activities 

The Schützen-Festzelt is not just any beer tent at the Oktoberfest; it’s a hub of unique attractions and festivities, including: 

  • Traditional Oktoberfest Shooting: Hosted by the Bavarian Sports Shooting Association, this annual event is a highlight, allowing guests to witness the precision and skill of traditional shooting.
  • Iconic Oktoberfest Balcony: This large beer tent offers the most beautiful balcony across Oktoberfest. It offers stunning views of the Ferris wheel and sunset over Munich.
  • Acclaimed Atmosphere with the Niederalmers: The tent’s resident band, known for their eclectic mix of rock and pop, consistently earns accolades as the best Oktoberfest band.
  • Celebrity Sightings: It’s not uncommon to spot celebrities and local nobility among the guests, adding a dash of glamour to the rustic charm.
  • Sporty and Lively Shots: Beyond traditional shooting, lively, sporty interactions among guests elevate the tent’s ambiance.
  • Rich Tradition and Cultural Heritage: The tent’s longstanding association with shooting clubs and its historical significance add depth to the Oktoberfest experience.

Schützen-Festzelt Beer

At the Oktoberfest Schützen-Festzelt, patrons are treated to the exclusive and renowned Löwenbräu beer. This tent is the only place at Oktoberfest where this particular brew can be enjoyed, making each sip a special part of the festival’s tradition.

Schützen-Festzelt Menu

The culinary offerings at the Schützenfestzelt are a delightful journey through Bavarian cuisine.

Meat Dishes: The star is the suckling pig in malt beer, a unique dish to this tent, traditionally prepared in the Franciscan style. It’s a must-try for any meat lover, accompanied by freshly grated potato dumplings and lukewarm bacon coleslaw.

Vegetarian Options: While the menu is heavily meat-focused, Bavarian vegetarian delicacies are also available, ensuring something for everyone.

Desserts: No visit is complete without sampling the world-famous Franziskaner Kaiserschmarrn with rum raisins and plum roaster, a sweet treat that perfectly caps off any meal.

Schützen-Festzelt Tent Capacity

The Schützen-Festzelt offers seating for 4,923 guests inside, 120 in standing room, and an additional 1,235 outside, making it a sizable yet intimate setting. Despite being one of the smaller tents in terms of guest capacity, its extensive footprint, including the shooting range, ranks it as the largest tent at Oktoberfest in terms of area.

Schützen-Festzelt Reservations

The Schützen-Festzelt beer tent operates from 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM during Oktoberfest season. Reservations, especially for lunch from Monday to Wednesday, are crucial to securing a spot in this beer tent. The reservation process is selective, with many slots filled through private channels, reflecting the tent’s exclusivity and demand.

Schützen-Festzelt Location & Accessibility

The Oktoberfest Schützen-Festzelt is easily accessible from various parts of Munich and is located on Matthias-Pschorr-Straße, adjacent to the Winzerer Fähndl. Public transportation options, including buses and trains, frequently run to and from the Theresienwiese, ensuring visitors can quickly arrive and depart.

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