Zur Bratwurst Hochreiter’s Oktoberfest Tent

A small Oktoberfest beer tent with a Century-Old Tradition of Nuremberg Bratwurst, Augustiner Beer, and Lively Bands serving traditional and international cuisine in a rustic setting.

The Zur Bratwurst tent, a staple at the Munich Oktoberfest, boasts a rich history dating back to its original inception over 100 years ago by Simon Bäumler, the landlord of the renowned Nuremberg Bratwurstglöckl. 

Revived in 2000 by Michi Beck and subsequently taken over by Werner Hochreiter in 2007, this distinctive timber frame house on Esperantoplatz has become a cherished destination. With a legacy that intertwines with the famous Oktoberfest beer tents, Hochreiter’s Zur Bratwurst offers a unique blend of traditional hospitality and festive merriment.

Key Highlights for Visitors

  • Family-Friendly Hours: Special menu items and a welcoming atmosphere make early hours ideal for families.
  • Peak Hours: Evening brings a livelier scene, with bands playing late into the night for the party-goers.
  • Payment Methods: Various payment options are accepted, accommodating all guests.
  • Operating Hours: Open from 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM. 
  • Reservations: Highly recommended, especially for peak times, to secure a spot in this popular tent.

Zur Bratwurst Special Offerings 

  • Eclectic Music Lineup: From the “Isar Rider” to the “Wuidara Pistols,” music fuels the vibrant atmosphere, ensuring the party continues from noon to late evening. Each band brings flair, creating a dynamic soundscape catering to a diverse audience.
  • Timber Frame Ambiance: Reflecting the architectural beauty of a Bavarian lodge, the tent offers a visually striking and cozy environment. This unique setting enhances the festive experience, making every visit memorable.
  • Outdoor Beer Garden: A spacious beer garden adds to the charm, providing a perfect spot for enjoying the festivities under a white and blue sky. It’s an ideal setting for those who prefer the open air, complete with a champagne bar. 
  • Authentic Oktoberfest Beer: Zur Bratwurst proudly serves Augustiner-Bräu, poured from traditional 200-liter wooden barrels into pint glasses. This commitment to authenticity ensures a genuine Oktoberfest beer experience.
  • Historic Daily Performances: The tent is renowned for its engaging and entertaining shows, contributing to the rich tapestry of Oktoberfest traditions.

Zur Bratwurst Beer 

Augustiner-Bräu, Munich’s oldest independent brewery, is the beer of choice at Zur Bratwurst tent, symbolizing a commitment to quality and tradition. Served directly from wooden barrels, this beloved beer offers a taste of Oktoberfest’s rich brewing heritage, perfectly complementing the hearty fare of the tent.

Zur Bratwurst Menu

At Zur Bratwurst, the culinary offerings are as robust as its musical lineup:

Signature Dishes: The tent is celebrated for its beechwood-fired bratwurst, alongside a variety of Oktoberfest classics like ham hock. These dishes are meticulously prepared, offering a taste of Bavaria’s rich culinary traditions.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options: The menu includes a thoughtful selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes catering to all dietary preferences. This inclusivity ensures that every guest can enjoy the gastronomic delights of Oktoberfest.

International Flavors: With specialties like US beef, the tent also provides an international twist on the traditional Bavarian menu. This fusion of flavors showcases the tent’s commitment to culinary diversity and excellence.

Zur Bratwurst Tent Capacity

Zur Bratwurst comfortably accommodates 558 seated guests with an additional 239 seats and 42 standing places in its outdoor beer garden. This spacious arrangement ensures a welcoming atmosphere, from cozy indoor seating to a lively outdoor area, enhancing the Oktoberfest experience.

Zur Bratwurst Location & Accessibility

Strategically located on Esperantoplatz, next to the Toboggan, and near key transport links like the Goetheplatz U-Bahn station, the small tent Zur Bratwurst is easily accessible. This prime location ensures visitors can effortlessly join the festivities, making it a sought-after destination within the Oktoberfest grounds.

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