Is it Worth Reserving a Table at Oktoberfest? Exclusive Insider Tips 

Some Oktoberfest tents are so popular, like the keg tapping venue, that getting a seat at the last minute is tough. These venues spare many seats for the on spot guests, but some of them are also sold quickly. 75% of the seats are available for booking via the official website of each tent. Reservation of these tents starts almost six months before the commencement of the Wiesn. Although 25% of seats are kept unreserved, reserving a table at Oktoberfest can land you a spot without worrying about getting in lines. 

Perks of Early Reservation at Beer Tent

Thirty-eight small and large tents at Oktoberfest offer unique atmospheres and themes. Securing a spot in advance can help guests get an authentic taste of German culture and the finest locally Munich-brewed beer. Oktoberfest in Munich does not necessarily require a reservation. Securing a seat has several benefits, and some of them are:

  • Guaranteed Seating – During the peak hours (weekdays after 2 pm and weekends), tents fill up quickly. So, it is essential to have secured reservations. 
  • Convenience – You can skip lines and head straight to your table upon arrival to maximize the time spent enjoying the festivities.
  • Specific Tent Preference – Each tent at Oktoberfest has its atmosphere, so reservations allow you to choose the tent that suits you best. Some tents have exclusive seating areas for reservations. You may get particular areas or seating sections like balconies for more spacious and comfortable seating.
  • Find a Spot for the Group – It would cost you less if you book seats for a group in advance. The cost of reservations stays the same whether reserved priorly or on the same day. It only saves you from the potential stress and inconvenience of finding unreserved seating, especially if traveling with a group.

Beer Tent Hours for Early Reservations

Here is the Oktoberfest beer tent hours breakdown and reservation information to streamline your planning. For unreserved spots, arrive in line by 5–6 am. A half-day wait can be expected if you are not there early.

Reservation Times

  • Lunch, Afternoon, and Evening slots are typically available.
  • Reservation times and costs vary.

Weekday Hours

  • Operating Hours: 10 am – 11:30 pm (Last Call at 10:30 pm).
  • Unreserved seats are usually occupied by 2–3 pm.

Saturday & Sunday Hours

  • Operating Hours: 9 am – 11:30 pm (Last Call at 10:30 pm).

Special note: Käfer Wiesn-Schänke & Weinzelt extend hours until 1 am with the last call at 12:15 am.

Oktoberfest Reservation Information

Reservation alerts often start several months before Oktoberfest, starting from the earliest in December for some tents like Schottenhamel-Festhalle and July being the last, like Augustiner-Festhalle. To avoid missing reservation updates, all dates are listed on Oktoberfest’s official website when tent hosts start to accept reservation requests. 

Most tents only accept reservations for daytime and weekday shifts. Go to the links to the individual reservation forms on each tent reservation page available on their website. You have to know that there is no central reservation platform. All tent hosts handle their reservations themselves.

Oktoberfest Without Reservation

  • While obtaining a seat without a reservation requires planning, getting a seat left from 25% of unreserved seats is feasible.
  • Main beer tents offer 80,000 seats, and approximately 50-70% of tables are left unreserved daily.
  • Be prepared to compete with over 600,000 daily visitors for direct spots. 

Wrap Up!

Reservation is the best choice for getting to your favorite spot at the beer tent, especially with a group of people. Reservation can save the hassle of getting in line to secure a seat. Generally, 25% of seats are spared for impromptu visitors at Wiesn; however, these spots are filled up earliest, especially during the weekends and evenings, so a reservation is recommended.


1. When should you book Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest booking starts at different times for each tent. Some tents open their reservation early in December, while others are booking starting in July. Reserve a seat as soon as the booking opens, especially when going to Wiesn with a group. 

2. Do you need an Oktoberfest ticket in advance?

There is no entry ticket to Oktoberfest. You can enter Wiesn’s venue without paying any fee or buying a ticket. Getting a ticket for the Oktoberfest tables can secure you a seat for sure.

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