Popular Oktoberfest Music Bands Playing Classic to Pop Playlist

Every year, the Munich Oktoberfest attracts between 5 to 7 million visitors from around the globe. The festival’s major attractions include delicious food, authentic Bavarian beer, music, and traditional costumes, including Lederhosen and dirndl. You can immerse yourself in a lively atmosphere fueled by live German musical band performances. These Oktoberfest bands play for more than 14 hours daily, creating an energetic atmosphere with guests laughing, dancing, and singing. From classic German folk songs to contemporary beats, there’s something for everyone to raise a stein and sing along.

Oktoberfest Music Band Types

While the spirit of beerfest is the Bavarian Oktoberfest anthems, the music ranges in genres to cater to a diverse audience. Here are the musical styles that are more popular in the famous Oktoberfest beer tents. 

  • Classic Bavarian Oompah: This is the most classical Oktoberfest sound created by brass bands using waltzes, marches, and polkas. The rich sound of deep tuba tunes and the melody of clarinets take you to the world of old Bavarian tradition. 
  • Modern Bavarian Songs: This genre is famous in many tents, especially in the evening. To create classical music with a modern twist, the bands blend pop and traditional melodies using the latest musical instruments. 
  • Contemporary Pops: Not every tent at the festival sticks with tradition regarding music. You will find a few tents filled with modern pop music played by rock bands throughout the day to energize the young crowd. You may even come across modern pop songs being played with a festive twist. 
  • Alpine Folk Music: For people who want to experience the taste of the Bavarian countryside, some tents feature authentic Alpine folk melodies performed by traditional musical bands. These musicians use accordions, clarinets, and tubas to create classic folk sounds. 

German Oktoberfest Music Bands

The Heartbeat of Oktoberfest Musical bands are essential to the historic Munich festival. The bands perform in the festival’s many beer tents, playing traditional Bavarian music and international hits. The music starts early in the morning and continues until late at night.

1. Die Kirchdorfer 

Die Kirchdorfer is a Bavarian Music band performing at Oktoberfest for 30 years. Their lively performances and ability to get the crowd dancing have made them a household name at Oktoberfest. Known for its classical music, which includes polkas, waltzes, and other folk songs, Die Kirchdorfer has become synonymous with the Hacker tent, one of the largest tents at the festival. Their incredible energy keeps the crowd entertained all night long. Some of their most famous songs include “Bier her, Bier her,” “Schützenliesel,” and “Hände zum Himmel.” 

2. Die Högl Fun 

Högl Fun Band is one of Germany’s most versatile musical bands, playing traditional folk music from the 50s and 60s or current chart breakers. Their hits include “Rock Mi,” “Joana,” “Party Soul”, and “Auf Uns,”. The musicians are highly skilled and play various instruments, including accordion, trumpet, trombone, tuba, drums, and guitar. They are known for their exceptional talent and ability to create a lively and energetic atmosphere at the Hofbräu tent. 

3. Die Nockherberger 

If you’re looking for a musical band that can perfectly blend traditional music with modern pop hits, Die Nockherberger is the band that exactly does it. This popular band has been a mainstay at Oktoberfest for years; however, their lively performances will surely energize the crowd. They perform in the Paulaner Festzelt under the leadership of Konrad Aignerl. Their popular oktoberfest songs include “Sierra Madre” and “Atemlos durch die Nacht.” 

4. Münchner Zwietracht 

Münchner Zwietracht is among the most popular Oktoberfest bands that have gained popularity in a short time and perform at the Marstall tent. The band has also made musical records and earned a reputation in the Guinness Book of Records. Their lively performances, which feature classical and pop music from the 60s and 70s, are known for getting the crowd to sing, dance, and clap on the benches. The band’s skillful musicianship and lively energy entertained the visitors all night. Some of their most amazing songs include “Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht,” “Ein Stern,” and “Sweet Caroline.” 

5. Himmelstürmer 

Founded in 2013, Himmelstürmer is a rock band in lower Bavarian that combines traditional German music with modern pop hits, creating a dynamic atmosphere at the Augustiner-Festhalle tent. The band consists of seven talented musicians known for their high-energy performances and ability to get the crowd dancing. The group’s sound is characterized by brass instruments, guitars, and drums, which create a unique sound. Himmelstürmer’s most famous songs include “Brenna tuats guat,” “Fürstenfeld,” and “Skandal im Sperrbezirk.” 

6. Bierzeltmusikanten 

Bierzeltmusikanten is a musical band that specializes in Alpine Folk music. This outstanding musical group is associated with the energizing sounds of traditional German folk music because of their exciting performances at Oktoberfest. The Bierzeltmusikanten creates a joyful musical experience by using various classic Alpine instruments like the accordion, clarinet, and tuba. Their upbeat songs take listeners to rural Germany, creating scenes of undulating hills, frolicking dancers, and the vibrant Oktoberfest celebrations.

7. Die Lauser 

Lauser is a party band in Germany that plays authentic Bavarian songs along with pop music. Consisting of 5 talented musicians, this Oktoberfest band brings the fun, mixing classic tunes with upbeat pop music. Their lively performances on various instruments will have you singing along to hits like “Schatzi schenk mir ein Foto” (“Sweetheart, Give Me a Photo”), “Ich will immer wieder… dieses Fieber spür’n” (“I Want to Feel This Fever Again and Again”) and “Aber bitte mit Sahne” (“But Please With Cream”). You can enjoy Die Lauser performing in the Winzerer Fähndl tent, one of Oktoberfest’s larger and popular tents.

8. Die Innsbrucker Böhmische 

Die Innsbrucker Böhmische is known for playing brass music, including polkas, waltzes, and other folk songs, creating an authentic Bavarian atmosphere. Established in 1994, the band is composed of ten skilled musicians who use a variety of instruments, including accordions, brass instruments, and percussion. The group’s most famous songs are “Auf der Vogelwiese,” “Die Fischerin vom Bodensee,” and “Ja, mir san mit’m Radl da.” Die Innsbrucker Böhmische performs in the Festzelt Tradition tent, energizing the crowd with their classic hits. 

Finding the Beerfest Music of  Your Taste 

With such a vast variety, there is a musical band at Oktoberfest for everyone. If you like the traditional oompah band experience, head to tents with bands like Die Kirchdorfer or Die Innsbrucker Böhmische for a classic feel. Visit tents like Schützenfestzelt, Weinzelt, or Hacker-Festzelt to enjoy the mix of Bavarian classics with modern hits. However, the Oide Wiesn fairgrounds, Theresienwiese, feature many small bands playing authentic Alpine folk music to take you back into authentic Bavarian times. 


1. What is the main song for Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest popular music playlist includes Traditional German anthems played by various local bands. In every 10-20-minute break, the main Oktoberfest song, “Ein Prosit” by the Polka brothers. The Ein Prosit lyrics translate into “Cheers” in German. It is the main beer-drinking song.

2. What is a German forbidden song?

Following the Nazi’s defeat in May 1945, the “Horst Wessel Lied” song was banned. In Germany, both the song’s lyrics and tune are illegal, with a few specific exceptions, like education or research to prevent the spread of Nazi ideologies and symbols.

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